How Long Does It Take to Heal After Getting a Mini Dental Implant?

Mini dental implants are a great option for those looking to replace missing teeth quickly and with minimal recovery time. Most patients are fully healed within two weeks, with the implant area feeling slightly tender to the touch. Swelling should go away in 48 hours, and gum tissue should heal in a week. However, the jawbone below the gum will need additional healing time, with pain and tenderness usually gone after the first month. Partial dentures, fins, or full dentures should not be used immediately after surgery and for at least 10 days.

Mini-implants don't require bone grafts either, which can take a long time to heal and delay the process of obtaining replacement teeth. Planning for any type of oral or implant surgery means knowing what to expect when it comes to your recovery. The gums (gingival tissue) heal very quickly and the placement of dental implants is considered a minimally invasive procedure. If you're going to receive simple treatment with implants on the same day, you can expect a fairly short recovery time. More complex implant surgery can take up to a couple of weeks, during which you should eat soft foods and take antibiotics. Dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth, and the metal pole acts as the root of the tooth and holds the crown in place.

Bone grafts are not necessary for mini implants, which save you time and money by allowing you to skip this procedure. After surgery, an ice pack is recommended to control swelling and pain relievers may be prescribed if needed. Mini dental implants don't require much bone density and work well in people with smaller jaws. They are placed with artificial teeth during the same visit most of the time, making tooth replacement more popular than ever. The healing process takes up to three months or more before dental implants can be installed.

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