What is the Cost of a Mini Dental Implant?

Mini dental implants (MDIs) are a single unit with a ball or adapter on top, which can be used when a patient lacks enough bone to support a conventional dental implant. An O-ring is located in the socket and helps to secure the implant to the area where the tooth is missing. The insertion procedure for MDIs requires the dentist to make an incision in the gum tissue to expose the lower jaw. The cost of mini dental implants will depend on the type and location, the number needed, and any diagnostic scans. MDIs are more affordable than traditional dental implants due to their smaller size and simpler surgery.

However, a prosthodontist who teaches dental implant techniques to other dentists at two universities in South Florida notes that while MDIs may seem like a good solution, they have limitations; they don't offer the same level of stability and longevity as traditional dental implants, which are wider and inserted into healthier jawbone. The procedure for placing MDIs is quite different from that of traditional dental implants. They have been approved by the FDA for use as a temporary or permanent dental product. More doses of inhalers are often required to stabilize the denture, since the minimum needed for a lower prosthesis is four, while conventional dental implant systems may require only two. Traditional dental implants have been used extensively for many years and have been studied extensively. Your general health and the number and location of teeth that need to be replaced will influence your ability to place mini dental implants.

They have been studied less extensively compared to traditional dental implants, so less data is available on their longevity and success rates. A properly placed, well-maintained traditional dental implant has a very high success rate and can last for decades or even a lifetime. Now that you know how much dental implants cost, it might be time to find mini dental implants, schedule an appointment with your local dentist, and set a date for a consultation.

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